Thingsee Open Service API

Thingsee Open Service APIs are included in both Thingsee Operations Cloud and Thingsee Operations Edge. Thingsee Operations Cloud is the master version of the API, and the on-premises version (edge version) implements a subset of the features.

With this API you can create your own device management dashboard or a field service application. More likely scenario is that you already have an application or a dashboard that manages your existing assets, and with this API you can connect Thingsee device inventory data to your own asset management tools.

This API is constantly evolving so remember to send feedback if you think that some features should be added to make your life easier.

Base Url

Your base url is part of the AWS setup and it is allocated during the deployment of the API.

  • apiId is the identifier allocated by AWS API Gateway (within AWS account)
  • region is the AWS region where the Thingsee is deployed
  • version is the Thingsee Services API version e.g. 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.1

Thingsee Open Services API

  • Authentication to log in to the service as a user or as a service
  • Group Operations to manage and assign logical groups of devices
  • Thing Operations to get essential information, position, configuration, installation and values for a device