Thingsee comes with a set of applications to support different phases of the device life-cycle. Some of the apps are fully reserved for low-level administration access, but even those are available for customers - depending on the agreements and the agreed business models.

Thingsee ADMIN

Thingsee ADMIN is a native Windows and macOS application that is used to manage, control and monitor Thingsee sensors, gateways, field operations and remote operations. The app comes as a default with every commercial Thingsee installation and it is included in every custom-made Thingsee-based project, and it is meant for administrators who need low-level access to the system.

Thingsee Smart Washroom

What is Thingsee Smart Washroom? Thingsee Smart Washroom is an IoT solution for intelligent maintenance of toilets. It monitors the number of visitors to the premises, the amount of toilet paper and hand towel or soap and the quality of the air.

Thingsee PLAY (iOS)

Thingsee Play for iOS is an example application solution that has been built using Firebase Realtime Database (Google Cloud) and Firebase SDKs for iOS. The purpose of this application is to provide a simple and fast way to access sensor data without the need for setting up a dedicated cloud or application environment.