How to navigate menu


  • Installation description (optional)
    • You may add a description about the current installation which is added to the exported csv
  • Add device (see page 4)
    • Add a new device to the installation
    • You can also use the plus sign on the lower right corner
  • Check latest events
    • Checks the timestamp for latest data event for each installed device
  • Export installation (see page 6)
    • Export all installation data as a csv-file
  • Start new installation
    • Start a new installation. Will remove all locally stored data from the current installation!


  • Logout
    • Logout from the stack
  • Remove stack information
  • Removes all stack information from the local environement


  • Check device latest RSSI (experimental)
    • Scan a device QR-code and view the latest RSSI (if available)
Note! Information might be several hours old in current implementation