View device information

Check device basic information

  • Enter a partial serial number to a search box and press SEARCH
  • You will get a list of matching devices
  • Select the device for the list to fetch its data
  • The Device info view will show you
    • Group information that is typically used to collect a large device population into a logical group
    • SW version is firmware version reported by the device
    • Target SW version is set in case the device is being updated to a new firmware version
    • Battery status is the last known battery status of the device
    • ICCID and IMEI are set for devices with cellular connectivity
    • App Area Id describes the identifier for the application running within the firmware
    • Gateway is the serial number of the connected gateway for the device
    • Warranty period started inform the date when the device was taken in use
    • Last connection is the latest time when the device sent an event
  • The view has following options for changing the device-related parameters
    • Installation status is the operational state of the device. For example, this can be set as “retired” when the device is removed from use.
    • Note is a free-text note of the device
    • Sensor configuration is the last reported configuration if set to something else than what’s in a default firmware
  • Recent events is a list of last events that have been sent by the device
    • The list contains a tsmTs, tsmId, tsmEv and tsmGw information. Please refer to [[messages:thingsee_messages_overview|]]
  • Sensors linked is a list of devices (incl. gateway) connected to the same network as the device

Check device connectivity

  • Connection view shows how the sensor network is constructed
  • The graph shows possible routes for communication and marks low-quality connections using a red highlight colour.

Check device location

  • A map view shows an approximate location of the device
  • The positioning is done by cellular positioning or by GPS if the device has a GPS module
  • The accuracy of this data is approximate and typically on zip-code level accuracy