Thingsee PLAY (iOS)

Thingsee Play for iOS is an example application solution that has been built using Firebase Realtime Database (Google Cloud) and Firebase SDKs for iOS. The purpose of this application is to provide a simple and fast way to access sensor data without the need for setting up a dedicated cloud or application environment. The application has everything you need for basic use of Thingsee sensors

  • Add sensors and give them some nice names
  • View sensor values and check the history
  • Store history data as a .csv file to your iCloud Drive
  • Set alerts so that you receive a push notification when a threshold is triggered.

Download for iOS (public beta)

At the moment we share the app via Apple Testflight Beta-testing program. Please follow the instructions in the download link

The application requires at least iOS 11 to run properly.

Reference application architecture

Thingsee Play follows the standard application/solution architecture by building the solution on top of the default Thingsee APIs

Test sensor

If you don’t have your own Thingsee sensors, you can always use the sensor below to get familiar with the Thingsee Play application.

You can use this ThingseeENVIRONMENT sensor prototype to read into your Thingsee Play iOS application. This sensor is located outdoors in Oulu,Finland

Thingsee Play User Guide


  • Tap Sign Up to create a new user account.
  • Tap Login to sign using your email and password.
  • Tap Forgot my password if you need to reset your password

Create an account

  • Enter email
  • Enter password
  • Tap Sign Up

Verify your email address

  • You will receive an email from
  • Follow the instructions in the email to verify your email address
  • Note! Use your desktop browser to open the link in case you have troubles activating the account in your mobile phone.
  • After you have verified your email address, finalize your verification process within the app

Add sensor by reading a QR code

  • By default, your account doesn’t have any Thingsee sensors
  • Tap Scan to show QR code reader
  • Use your mobile phone camera to read the data from Thingsee sensor QR code
  • Give a name for your sensor and tap Save

Read latest sensor values

  • You can see the latest sensor values by reading a QR code
  • You can see the latest sensor values by selecting your sensor from Things tab
  • You can leave this view open and the values will auto-update as soon as the sensor sends new data

Read sensor history data

  • You can view history data by first selecting a thing and then a specific value
  • You can toggle between different timespan values

Manage alerts

Users can add alerts to sensors and their values. As the value reaches the set threshold, you will get notified by a push notification message. You can add multiple thresholds to the same sensor e.g. sending push notification for outdoor temperature in -5C, 0C, 5C.

Add new alert

  • Within the sensor historyview press the + sign in the upper right corner.
  • A new view is shown where you can type
    • the threshold value that triggers the alert
    • text that is sent when the value goes above the threshold
    • text that is sent when the value goes below the threshold

View configured alerts

  • You can see all alert configurations underneath the history-graph
  • You can edit an alert by tapping an alert cell
    • You can delete an alert within the alert editor view

Receive push notification

  • You will receive alerts as push notifications
  • Thingsee Play sends the notification when the value goes above or below the threshold value.

Edit a Thingsee sensor

  • Select Thingsee sensors from a Things tab
  • Tap Edit in top right menubar
  • In the editor view
    • Tap your sensor name to edit the name
    • Tap Delete to remove sensor from your account
    • Tap Close to close the edit view

Download sensor data to your iCloud Drive

Starting from version 1.0 (22) Thingsee Play application automatically stores all history-data that you view in the app.

  • View any sensor history value in the app e.g. last 24 hours or one week
  • The values are stored as a .csv file under your iCloud drive in a folder //Thingsee Play / Your Sensor Name / Measurement / Start Time - End Time . csv//
  • You can use this to sync Thingsee IoT data to your Macs for further analytics in Numbers or Microsoft Excel.

Manage your account

Select Account from the navigation tab-bar to access information about your account.

  • Developer mode shows all system and development values from a sensor. This is an experimental feature.
  • Sign out will logout you from the application and return to login screen
  • Delete account removes your account from the Thingsee Play Cloud.