Create notifications

Create notification


Notifications can be created for any sensor property

  • In a sensor data view, tap any of the last known sensor values to open the data view
  • Tap Create new notification

Create fun notifications to make a boring IoT more interesting

  • Set the threshold value that will trigger the nofication
  • Write texts for notification
    • You can leave texts empty if you are happy with the default text "Temperature has increased to 21°C"
  • Tap Create to save the notification and close the editor

View active notifications

Sensor data view shows a list of set notifications

  • You will see a list of your notification settings
  • You can create as many notifications as you need

All notifications are personal and stored only under your own account even if the same sensor is shared with someone else. So feel free to go crazy with the notication text!

Delete a notification

  • Open the notification from a notification list
  • Press Delete and confirm the operation