View sensor data

View latest sensor data

Select any sensor to view the latest sensor data

  • Select a sensor from Things list
  • Last known sensor values are shown as a list with timestamp and value

View history data

You can view history data from past day, week, month or any custom date-range.

  • In a sensor data view, tap any of the last known sensor values to open the history view
  • History view shows a chart from the specified time range
    • past hour shows the last 60 minutes of history data
    • part day shows the last 24h of history data (default when the view opens)
    • past week shows the last 7 days of history data
    • past month shows the last 30 days of history data
  • You can use Custom timeframe option to set any date and time
  • History view shows the detected minimum and maximum values from the the specified time range
    • This helps you to easily detect the lows and highs

View cumulative history data

Some of the sensor properties supports cumulative charts.

  • Counter-type of sensor properties shows additional cumulative chart
    • Available for example for Thingsee PRESENCE movement count property