Thingsee, as a full IoT data-collection solution, is a complex beast due to its support for all the phases of IoT device life-cycle.

Thingsee touches quite many layers in a full IoT solution, but we do keep ourselves out of the IoT applications, full solutions, business analytics, etc stuff that is supposed to be your job. Surely we can help with those time to time, but most of our skills and experiences are within the device and data-collection layers. The stuff that you may find boring and complex, and due our focus on that, this is the stuff that you don’t need to worry about.

We don’t reveal all the magic how the Thingsee works, but only those parts that may be relevant to you as you build the greatest and latest IoT solutions.

What’s inside

As Thingsee user, all you need to worry about are the physical devices (physical installation) and the JSON data payload they provide. Everything in between is managed as a service so that you don’t need to worry firmware updates, network monitoring, maintenance services and other boring stuff that is not anyway visible to your customers.

Thingsee devices

Thingsee Messages (JSON)