Thingsee GATEWAY LAN is an ethernet connected gateway device that connects your Thingsee Wirepas sensors to the cloud. The gateway does the network monitoring, and maintenance, but also handling firmware updates for both the gateway itself and the sensors connected to the gateway. This gateway is optimized for handling the data-flow and maintenance operations.

Even though it can’t run local AI for edge-computing, it has all the needed services to keep your mesh network operating 24/7.

Product information

Product name Thingsee GATEWAY LAN
Product description Thingsee GATEWAY LAN is a plug'n play IoT gateway for Wirepas sensors.
Vendor name Haltian Oy
Product type Wirepas gateway
Internal Model Code (IMC prefix for TUID)
  • TSGW05
  • XXXX16

Hardware info

Northbound interfaces
  • Ethernet (Thingsee AWS IoT)
Southbound interfaces
  • nRF52832 (Wirepas)
    • 2.4GHz
User interface
  • LED
    • LED indication for device status
  • Power button
Power connector USB-C (2A)


Width 81.06mm
Height 20.85mm
Length 66.2mm
Weight - g

Operating conditions

  • Operating temperature 0°C ... +40°C
  • Operating humidity 8% ... 90% RH non-condensing
  • Storage temperature 0°C ... +25°C
  • Storage humidity 5% ... 95% RH non-condensing
  • IP rating IP40
  • Indoor office use only


FCC Not yet available

Device descriptor for developers


Download device descriptor (JSON)

Installation instructions

Connect the power source to the gateway and plug it on into the wall socket with 24/7 power.

Connect USB-C for power and RJ45 for Internet
Follow LED color patterns to monitor the connection status

Firmware versions

Network requirements

Network services

Thingsee GATEWAY LAN requires following services from the network

  • IP address allocated by DHCP

Port configuration

The gateway requires that the following ports are open in the network firewall. The ports must be open for outbound connections. Thingsee GATEWAY LAN doesn’t run any services and acts only as a client for the services below. A port-forwarding is not required.

Service Protocol Port Description
DNS UDP 53 Domain Name Service
HTTP TCP 80 Non-critical communication
NTP UDP 123 Network Time Protocol
HTTPS TCP 443 Secure communication
MQTT TCP 8883 Secure communication, AWS IoT

Message sequences

Bootup message sequence

    participant G as ThingseeGATEWAY
    participant MC as MasterCloud
    participant TS as ThingseeCloudInstance
    participant DNS as DNS
    participant NTP as NTP
    Note right of G : Gateway bootup process
    G->>NTP : UDP (123) syncronize time
    NTP->>G : NTP response
    Note right of G : Gateway initial communication
    G->>MC: HTTPS (443) request device inventory and certificate information
    MC->>G: HTTPS (443) response
    Note right of G : Gateway sensor data uplink
    G->>TS: MQTT (8883) connect to AWS IoT Core
    TS->>G: Succesful connection
    G->>TS : MQTT (8883) publish sensor data to uplink-topic
    Note right of G : Gateway sensor data downlink
    G->>TS : MQTT (8883) subscribe to sensor data downlink-topic

Firmware update message sequence

    participant G as ThingseeGATEWAY
    participant MC as MasterCloud
    participant TS as ThingseeCloudInstance
    Note right of G : Gateway in normal operations, subscribed to downstream topic
    TS-->>G : MQTT, publish firmwareupdate command to topic
    G->>MC : HTTP, load firmware binary
    G->>G : initiate firmware update process
    alt update succesful
    G->>TS : Confirm firmware update done
    else update failed
    G->>G : Revert to earlier FW version
    G->>TS : Report firmware update failure