Device info

  • Recommended operation temperature: from 0oC to +50oC IP rating grade: IP20

  • Certifications: CE and RoHS compliant

  • Battery type: 2 x AAA, replaceable

    • Up to 2 years with 1-minute interval
    • Up to 5 years with 15-minute interval
  • Radio sensitivity: -95 dBm (BTLE)

    Detection capabilities

    Check the locations of actual sensor components for optimal installation

  • Temperature -40 oC to + 85 oC. Limited to 0o C to +50 oC due to primary battery specification. Usage prohibited in moisture condensing/freezing environments. Accuracy ±0,3C.

  • Humidity can be measured between 0-100% RH. Accuracy ±5%.

  • Accelerometer reports orientation or vibrations count in machine usage monitoring mode.

  • Barometric pressure can be measured between 300-1200hPa. Absolute accuracy is ±1hPa. Pressure sensor precision is ±0.005hPa in high precision mode.

  • Ambient light sensing between 0-100k lux. Light level measurement not calibrated. Only for indicative purposes.

  • Magneto-resistive sensor. Detects magnetic field from a magnet or high DC current.

    Installation instructions

    Remove battery security tab to power ON the device. The LED will flash once (red) when the device boots up.

Inventory information

This device uses following IMC(s) [TSPD02 XXXX03]