ThingseeDISTANCE is used to measure short-range distances (50-1500mm) between the device and a surface. A surface can be a solid object or a liquid with some limitations of measurement reliability and accuracy.

The device has Wirepas connectivity and requires Wirepas-enabled gateway for cloud communication.

Firmware status

CE-certified and ready for commercial use.

What’s new

  • heart-beat functionality to follow the health of network installation

Default functionality

  • report a distance measurement value every 1 minute
  • report battery-level every 1 hour
  • time-of-flight sensor measurement mode 0
  • sensor is in routing-mode
  • heart-beat message send every 5min with 1min monitoring interval

Thingsee Messages

Following Thingsee Message profiles are used

  • Things Message common profile
    • 1101 Thing information request
    • 1102 Thing information unavailable response
    • 1110 Thing battery info data
    • 1111 Thing orientation info
    • 1202 Sensor network neighbouring data
    • 1312 Firmware binary version info
    • 1500 Sensor Application Interval Configuration
    • 1501 Sensor Wirepas Node Role Configuration
  • Things Message distance measurement profile (17)
    • 17100 Distance measurement

Example data as received from Thingsee Operations Cloud

    "tsmId"        : 17100,
    "tsmEv"        : 10,
    "tsmTs"        : 1492603998,
    "tsmTuid"      : "TSTF02S3R1AL",
    "tsmGw"        : "TSGW1234",
    "dist"         : 145


Preferred environment is indoors without direct reflections from halogen lights or other IR-light sources. All the tests are done in office conditions where the gateway is in a close proximity (few meters) of the sensor.

Default profile

  • measurement range: 50mm - 1500mm
  • calibrated distance: None
  • test material used: solid, matte, white, 100mm reference distance
  • measured accuracy: ±5%
  • temperature range: 15-55C
  • battery-life (interval): 10 months (1min), 5 years (15min)

Factory configuration

The following parameters are configured during the manufacturing process.

  • Wirepas connectivity parameters incl. security

Remote configuration

The following parameters are configurable remotely over Thingsee Operations Cloud.

  • measurement interval
  • enable/disable iBeacon and Eddystone advertisement
  • enable/disable Thingsee positioning anchor mode
  • Wirepas head-node and sub-node configuration
  • change of time-of-flight modes (optimises accuracy and power consumption)
    • 0 = default mode 50mm-1200mm
    • 1 = high accuracy mode
    • 2 = long-range mode (up to 1500mm)
    • 3 = short-distance mode (up to 500mm)

Installation Notes

Distance sensing area is a cone shape, 30-35 degrees. If there are two objects reflecting light back to sensor, sensor computes average from these.

For example, if two objects give same amount of reflection, one in 50mm distance and second one in 90mm. Sensor gives distance value of ~70mm. If 90mm target reflection is coming bigger than 50mm target, then reported distance is shifting towards 90mm.

This is important if you have narrow tube or similar construction and target is “in bottom”. Tube walls might reflect light back to sensor causing linearity problem. And in the end, if wall reflections are high enough, you cannot measure real target at the bottom.