Custom data integration

Thingsee can integrate to any custom cloud endpoint as long as we will get the information how to connect and authorize to the API.

What we need

  • protocol, what is the communication protocol and the URL to your cloud service; e.g. HTTP, MQTT, AMQP, CoAP, FTP..
  • authorization, what are the credentials, apikeys, tokens, usernames that we need to use when authenticating to your cloud service.
  • message format, are there some specifics that we need to change in the Thingsee Message payload data. e.g. add some specific field to be added, or a need to construct messaging topic including serial, etc.

Note that changing message format is something that takes time, and leads to a custom cloud extension and maintenance. Therefore we strongly prefer using of Thingsee Message format unless there are some mandatory changes that the system requires.