Device Pilot

Thingsee supports data integration to DevicePilot. To make the integration work we just need your token as described in DevicePilot is an excellent dashboard for users who need easy to use analytics in addition to charts and diagrams for raw IoT data.

Message content

When Thingsee Message is sent to a DevicePilot cloud, we will add one additional identifier $id to each Thingsee message where $id is the same as tsmTuid (Thingsee Unique Identifier). The $id is used by DevicePilot to identify devices within the DevicePilot dashboard. All the other Thingsee Message JSON properties are kept as is, and those properties can be used in the dashboard to create reports and analytics.

Data dashboard

You can visualize any Thingsee message property

Device dashboard

You can follow device pool statistics and diagnostics information