Influx IoT data integration

Influx timeseries database is time series platform for IoT, analytics and monitoring.

Install Influx

Follow the instructions to install your own InfluxDB server or InfluxDB Cloud service. After you have the server up and running, share us the following info so that the data-integration can be done

  • the url of your InfluxDB server
  • the write token
  • organization name
  • bucket name

Send Thingsee IoT data to Influx

Thingsee Cloud converts the Thingsee message JSONs into Influx data format so that following schema is build

  • bucket name
  • _measurement is the tsmId value
  • _field is the Thingsee Message property
  • tag is the tsmTuid (serialnumber)

Thingsee builds Influx data schema

Explore your data with Influx dashboard

You can use Influx to explore your data, or even build your own dashboard within Influx.

Browse your IoT data and create your own dashboard