Thingsee IoT Platform integrates to ThingsBoard by using either HTTP (or MQTT) as described in ThingsBoard platform integration guide. As a ThingseBoard user, you need to enable HTTP integration and inform us your ThingsBoard HTTP endpoint url. In addition, a Thingsee Uplink JSON Converter must be installed and enabled, so that incoming JSON data is correctly formatted to match ThingsBoard internal data-formats and labels.

We will send you the Thingsee Uplink JSON Converter when we configure data integration to point to your ThingsBoard server. You can also create your own Uplink converter if you wish to use some other Thingsboard data-format.


Follow ThingsBoard guides to set up and build your own dashboard, reporting and alerting.

Data format

Thingsee Messages are extracted as a telemetry data following naming convention {tsmId}_{property}. So, for example temperature data (Thingsee Message 12100) is shown as 12100_temp telemetry property.