Wapice IoT Ticket

Thingsee has a beta-level support for Wapice IoT Ticket dashboard. This integration is one of the fastest ways to get both IoT sensor devices and a full-blown dashboard.

  • Thingsee can authenticate and forward data to Wapice IoT REST API
  • Thingsee Messages are modelled as Wapice DataTags
  • DataTags can be used to build any kind of dashboard with native Wapice widgets and tools

Thingsee message content is modelled as DataTags

How to use Wapice with Thingsee devices

If you already have Wapice account

  • Create us an account so that we can authenticate to the REST API
  • Let us know Wapice REST API credentials and we will forward Thingsee data to your dashboard

If you don’t have Wapice account

  • Contact https://www.iot-ticket.com to get started with Wapice
  • or we can set up a demo dashboard on your behalf. Contact your Thingsee sales representative.

It takes 37 seconds to create a dashboard

Connect DataTags to gauges and widgets and you will have a fully functional dashboard in a less than a minute

What’s next

  • Integrate Thingsee Operations Cloud device inventory and manufacturing services to support Wapice IoT Ticket deviceId and inventory for mass-scale IoT installations.