The Warp 10 platform is built to simplify managing and processing Time Series data. It includes a Geo Time Series database and a companion analytics engine.

Install Warp10

Follow the instructions at Warp10 website to install your own Warp10 server. After you have the server up and running, share us the following info so that the data-integration can be done

Send Thingsee IoT data to Warp10

Thingsee Cloud converts the Thingsee message JSONs into GTS input format, so that you will receive the IoT data just like any other data for the Warp10 platform.
Thingsee Cloud will send the data as bundles to decrease the HTTP overhead.

# tsmTs (microseconds) // tsmId.property{tsmTuid} value
1593691049000000// 12100.temp{tsmTuid=XXXX03X2Z80562374} 16.2
1593691049000000// 12100.humd{tsmTuid=XXXX03X2Z80562374} 22.3
1593691049000000// 12100.lght{tsmTuid=XXXX03X2Z80562374} 536
1593691673000000// 1110.batl{tsmTuid=XXXX03X2Z80562374} 99.9

Explore your data with WarpScript and WarpStudio

WarpStudio and WarpScripts are powerful tools to make queries for your Thingsee data.

Visualize half a million datapoints from multiple devices

Explore single device data as a chart

Explore single device data as a table