Thingsee Smart Washroom Easy Trial for Android

System requirements

Your Android device must have

  • Data connection (cellular or Wifi)
  • Notifications allowed
  • No power save functions in use as those might prevent notifications and proper function of the application


Download the app from the Google Play
Open the app once downloaded


Thingsee SmartWashroom needs to connect to your Thingsee IoT profile. You can easily add profile information by reading a login QR code. You will get the login QR as a part of Thingsee SmartWashroom delivery.
Allow Thingsee application to use the camera, so that the QR code can be read.
Add username and password given to you and change password if requested.Allow application to send you notifications for alerts, if asked.
Read the info about the online help. You may need that later.

Select notifications

You must select notification areas to receive alerts.
Select Notifications from the sidemenu
Select the areas by tapping the checkboxes
When there are no active alerts, the alert list will be empty


When an assembly reaches its alert limit, the system generates an alert. E.g. a fill rate alert.

Alert comes visible to phone screen and stays in Status bar as notification. You can open the application by selecting the notification.
Alerts are shown in the application main view
The fill rate alert disappears automatically when the dispenser is refilled. The next measurement after the refill disables the alert state.
The visitor/pass by counter alert must be reset manually. After reset, visitor/pass by counter alert disappears from the alert list.

Reset a counter

The visitor/pass by counter alert should be reset manually when facility has been cleaned. You need to check detailed assembly information by selecting the alert item from the list

Select an alert from the alert list
A counter specific view opens
Select RESET to clear the alert
The app resets the counter
Select BACK to return to the main view


Select the ASSEMBLIES from Settings menu
Application downloads all the assemblies from selected area/areas. This might take some time at the first time.
From assembly list you can see detailed information from all installed devices in selected area/areas.
From assembly list you can also reset the counters if you clean the facility without alert from there. Just select the facility and rest the counter.

Sign out

The application will receive notifications until you sign out.

Open Settings and select SIGN OUT
Select LOGOUT and application will sign you out.