Get started with IoT

Checklist for getting started with an IoT

Describe your usecase

  • Get yourself a basic overview of the data and usecases you are trying to achieve.
    • What are the data items you need
    • What is the frequence for the data. etc. do you need the data every min/hour/day/month/century?
  • Take special care of defining the environmental requirements (indoor, outdoor, industrial, underground, above the clouds)
  • Define whether you have sparse or dense physical installation of the datapoints
    • dense == datapoints within few tens of meters of each others
    • sparse == here and there across the Globe
  • Describe your application layer; do you already have a cloud and apps that can manage the data, or do you need new dashboard and cloud services for your usecase
    • In case you need IoT dashboard solutions we have a wide partner network that can make you anything custom, or we can use some of the preintegrated IoT dashboards

Contact Thingsee sales

  • Our sales team can find you the most efficient way to get you IoT data (and devices) you need.
  • The sales team will create you a Thingsee StarterKit that contains everything you need to get started.
    • Actually StarterKit is a full-blown IoT deployment that scales up to millions of devices (as soon as you need them). The only difference is that StarterKit starts with tens or few hundred devices depenging on your needs.

The sales team will setup a technical walkthrough session to explain

  • How the devices work
  • How the data is transmitted and what kind of integration options are available
  • What are the APIs we have (in case you need them)
  • How the (possible) application / dashboard works
  • Any other topics that may be relevant for your usecase

Finalize your order and wait for shipment

Install the devices

  • All the devices are pre-installed and pre-configured so that all you need to do is turn them ON
  • Access the data endpoints, apps or dashboards to see live data from your devices

Start experimenting with the fully functional IoT setup

  • See how the data behaves, identify the changes you may need in the device configuration or behavior
  • Have fun with our app/dashboard

Scale up

Scaling up you StarterKit to a full commercial solution is a simple process

Agree SLA and deployment model

  • We will manage everything related to hardware and connectivity, so that you can focus on creating the actual application and service layers

Order more devices

  • The devices you got as a StarterKit are already commercial grade products, and can be used as a basis for your expansion.