How to install Thingsee GATEWAY CELLULAR

Things to do for installation

Connect the power source to the gateway and plug it on into the wall socket with 24/7 power.
  • RED blink – device is connecting to mobile network
  • RED/GREEN blink – device is connecting to Thingsee cloud
  • GREEN blink – device is connected to mobile network and Thingsee cloud and operates ok.

What can go wrong?

  • ensure that the power outlet has 24/7 power output, so that we don’t loose the gateway e.g. in every night. In such case the system will recover once the power goes back up, but it is not optimal and causes some unnecessary stress to the devices and thus possible decreasing battery-life.
  • ensure that the gateway is hard or impossible to access by outsiders, so that it doesn’t get abused or stolen.
  • The gateway uses cellular 2G connectivity, so in case of connectivity issues, try to locate the gateway near windows or some other open spaces that has less interference for cellular connections.