Thingsee IoT Solution Suite 2020 Mid Release

This release is the one that we have been cooking since the beginning of 2020. There is quite a lot of stuff happening with the devices and the firmware, but the main star of this show is the application layer that gives you tools for Smart Washroom end-to-end usecases.

If you are not into washroom business, then do not worry as there are quite significant improvements in our APIs and how you can take more control using the Thingsee sensors. Of course, with the control comes the responsibility and you should book a meeting with your sales representative or your technical account manager to discuss the possibilities with the APIs and how it may improve your business.

As a ground rule, everything is optional and you are not forced to do any changes due to this new release. We don’t break things - at least not in such way that existing products would be affected. However, please note that if you start using new hardware versions or new firmware features, it is more than likely that you need to do something to make things click.

Updated applications

Updated API

Updated firmware versions