Thingsee INSTALLER LITE (mobile version)

Thingsee INSTALLER LITE (mobile version) is easy way to create csv list of the installed devices. It also allows to check latest events for the sensor or RSSI value if available to ensure network is working properly.


Thingsee SOLUTION SUITE for desktop (for admins) is a native Windows and macOS application that is used to manage, control and monitor Thingsee sensors, gateways, field operations and remote operations.

Thingsee IoT Solution Suite 2020 Late Release

Note that this release is in the future, and thus not yet available for deployments. You can follow this page to see what is planned in the next release. As a ground rule, everything is optional and you are not forced to do any changes due to this new release.

Thingsee Open Services API specification

Authentication [/auth] Create client access token [POST /auth/client-token] Since 2020 Mid release Creates a temporary access token for accessing other APIs Token expires in 15 mins and can be recreated at any point Supports multiple simultaneous tokens Request