Firmware status CE-certified and ready for commercial use. What’s new Wirepas 5.0 version of Thingsee PRESENCE firmware Default functionality report an indicative count of detected movements every 1 minute report battery-level information every 1 minute The device blinks led (red) once when starting up Thingsee Messages Following Thingsee Message profiles are used

Thingsee IoT Solution Suite 2020 Mid Release

This release is the one that we have been cooking since the beginning of 2020. There is quite a lot of stuff happening with the devices and the firmware, but the main star of this show is the application layer that gives you tools for Smart Washroom end-to-end usecases.

Thingsee Open Services API specification

Authentication [/auth] Create client access token [POST /auth/client-token] Since 2020 Mid release Creates a temporary access token for accessing other APIs Token expires in 15 mins and can be recreated at any point Supports multiple simultaneous tokens Request