Influx IoT data integration

Influx timeseries database is time series platform for IoT, analytics and monitoring. Install Influx Follow the instructions to install your own InfluxDB server or InfluxDB Cloud service. After you have the server up and running, share us the following info so that the data-integration can be done


Thingsee supports data integration to DevicePilot. To make the integration work we just need your token as described in https://help.devicepilot.com. DevicePilot is an excellent dashboard for users who need easy to use analytics in addition to charts and diagrams for raw IoT data.


Integration Splunk integration can be done by using Splunk’s HTTP Event Collector. Create HEC as instructed in Splunk documentation. Set Source Type as _json so that the incoming Thingsee Messages (JSON data) is parsed correctly.


Integration Thingsee IoT Platform integrates to ThingsBoard by using either HTTP (or MQTT) as described in ThingsBoard platform integration guide. As a ThingseBoard user, you need to enable HTTP integration and inform us your ThingsBoard HTTP endpoint url.

Wapice IoT Ticket

Thingsee has a beta-level support for Wapice IoT Ticket dashboard. This integration is one of the fastest ways to get both IoT sensor devices and a full-blown dashboard. Thingsee can authenticate and forward data to Wapice IoT REST API Thingsee Messages are modelled as Wapice DataTags DataTags can be used to build any kind of dashboard with native Wapice widgets and tools Thingsee message content is modelled as DataTags How to use Wapice with Thingsee devices If you already have Wapice account Create us an account so that we can authenticate to the REST API Let us know Wapice REST API credentials and we will forward Thingsee data to your dashboard If you don’t have Wapice account Contact https://www.