Thingsee PowerCover is a power supply accessory for selected Thingsee sensor devices. It is both USB-power cable connected and has a placement for 3 AA batteries. Thingsee POWERCOVER provides extended battery life for wireless sensor devices to up to 10 years.


Device info Operating temperature: -20°C … +50°C Operating humidity: 0% … 100% RH non-condensing Storage temperature: 0°C … 25°C Storage humidity: 45% … 85% RH non-condensing IP rating grade: IP67 Certifications: CE, FCC, ISED and RoHS compliant Battery type: 2 x AAA, fixed Expected battery life: Up to 5 years with 5 minute interval (default) Up to 4 years with 1 minute interval Up to 6 years with 15 minute interval Up to 4 years with Machine Usage Mode Radio sensitivity: -95 dBm (BTLE) Detection capabilities Check the locations of actual sensor components for optimal installation Temperature -40 ºC to + 85 ºC.


Thingsee LEAKAGE RUGGED is a wireless IoT sensor for harsh environments that can detect even the smallest of leakages. As IP67 approved product, it can be used to identify water leakages and measure other environmental factors in extreme conditions such as factories, industries and even outdoors.


is a wireless IoT sensor that can be used to measure the angle of any rotational object such as if a valve is open or close. More specifically, it is possible to know the absolute valve’s angle.


Thingsee GATEWAY GLOBAL is a plug & play IoT gateway device for large scale IoT solutions. It can be connected anywhere in the world with its LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT and 2G cellular support.


Thingsee GATEWAY LAN is an ethernet connected gateway device that connects your Thingsee Wirepas sensors to the cloud. The gateway does the network monitoring, and maintenance, but also handling firmware updates for both the gateway itself and the sensors connected to the gateway.

Thingsee AIR

Thingsee AIR is a state of the art, battery powered wireless IoT sensor for your indoor air quality monitoring. Together with Co², TVOC, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity sensors and ambient light sensor, it’s a perfect device to provide an extensive overlook to both present air quality data and the data history.

Thingsee BEAM

Thingsee BEAM is a wireless IoT sensor for short distance measurement. This is an excellent tool for measuring e.g. container or dispenser fill rates. Thingsee BEAM can be used for various facility management applications, asset tracking, parking facility solutions and more.


Product information Product name Thingsee DEVICE TEMPLATE Product description This is a template for the super-set of features and functions for any Thingsee device. The mother of all IoT products.


Thingsee DISTANCE is a wireless IoT sensor for measuring short-range distance and e.g. a container fill rates. Measurement range : 50mm - 1500mm Measured accuracy: ±5% Test material used: solid, matte, white, 100mm reference distance Distance sensing area is a cone shape, 30-35 degrees If there are two or more objects reflecting light back to sensor, sensor computes average from these.