Thingsee GATEWAY GLOBAL is a plug & play IoT gateway device for large scale IoT solutions. It can be connected anywhere in the world with its LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT and 2G cellular support.


Thingsee GATEWAY LAN is an ethernet connected gateway device that connects your Thingsee Wirepas sensors to the cloud. The gateway does the network monitoring, and maintenance, but also handling firmware updates for both the gateway itself and the sensors connected to the gateway.

Thingsee GATEWAY

Product information Product name Thingsee GATEWAY 2G Product description Thingsee GATEWAY 2G is a plug'n play IoT gateway for Wirepas sensors. Vendor name Haltian Oy Product type Wirepas gateway Internal Model Code (IMC prefix for TUID) TSGW01 XXXX00 Sensor measurement specifications Cellular signal quality Report different signal quality parameters RSSI RSRP RSRQ SINR RSCP Network operator information Report information about the connected network MCC MNC Operator name Cellular location Report approximate location based on cellular towers latitude longitude Hardware info Northbound interfaces SARA-G340 (Thingsee AWS IoT) 2G GPRS/EGPRS 900/1800 MHz Southbound interfaces nRF52832 (Wirepas) 2.