Gamify IoT data in Unreal Engine 4

What and whys Connecting live IoT data to Epic’s Unreal Engine allows anyone to create next level visualisations to their IoT service. Unreal Engine may not be the obvious choise when creating end-user services and applications, but sure it is fun and can result amazing gamification experience for IoT.

Install Thingsee PLAY

Download for iOS (public beta) At the moment we share the app via Apple Testflight Beta-testing program. Please follow the instructions in the download link The application requires at least iOS 11 to run properly.

Share a sensor

You can share your sensor from a sensor view Select a sensor from Things list, so that the sensor main view is shown On top right menubar, tap the share button New view is shown that contains simple instructions and a QR code You can show this QR code to your friend, or share by using a fax, Instagram, whatever is capable of sending bitmap images.


Integration Splunk integration can be done by using Splunk’s HTTP Event Collector. Create HEC as instructed in Splunk documentation. Set Source Type as _json so that the incoming Thingsee Messages (JSON data) is parsed correctly.


Integration Thingsee IoT Platform integrates to ThingsBoard by using either HTTP (or MQTT) as described in ThingsBoard platform integration guide. As a ThingseBoard user, you need to enable HTTP integration and inform us your ThingsBoard HTTP endpoint url.

Thingsee PLAY (iOS)

Thingsee Play for iOS (iPhone & iPad) is an example application solution that has been built using Firebase Realtime Database (Google Cloud) and Firebase SDKs for iOS. The purpose of this application is to provide a simple and fast way to access sensor data without the need for setting up a dedicated cloud or application environment.

View sensor data

View latest sensor data Select any sensor to view the latest sensor data Select a sensor from Things list Last known sensor values are shown as a list with timestamp and value View history data You can view history data from past day, week, month or any custom date-range.

Wapice IoT Ticket

Thingsee has a beta-level support for Wapice IoT Ticket dashboard. This integration is one of the fastest ways to get both IoT sensor devices and a full-blown dashboard. Thingsee can authenticate and forward data to Wapice IoT REST API Thingsee Messages are modelled as Wapice DataTags DataTags can be used to build any kind of dashboard with native Wapice widgets and tools Thingsee message content is modelled as DataTags How to use Wapice with Thingsee devices If you already have Wapice account Create us an account so that we can authenticate to the REST API Let us know Wapice REST API credentials and we will forward Thingsee data to your dashboard If you don’t have Wapice account Contact https://www.

Best practises

This page collects guidelines and best practices on how to use Thingsee IoT devices and services for commercial use. Design data storage for your use-case Thingsee Operations Cloud forwards sensor data as Thingsee Messages to your cloud.

Thingsee Security

“Security is not something that you can add as a final step in your product development phase. Instead, it must be part of the product manufacturing, design, and development from the day one.