View device information

Check device basic information Enter a partial serial number to a search box and press SEARCH You will get a list of matching devices Select the device for the list to fetch its data The Device info view will show you Group information that is typically used to collect a large device population into a logical group SW version is firmware version reported by the device Target SW version is set in case the device is being updated to a new firmware version Battery status is the last known battery status of the device ICCID and IMEI are set for devices with cellular connectivity App Area Id describes the identifier for the application running within the firmware Gateway is the serial number of the connected gateway for the device Warranty period started inform the date when the device was taken in use Last connection is the latest time when the device sent an event The view has following options for changing the device-related parameters Installation status is the operational state of the device.

View sensor data

View device measurements All Thingsee devices are made for a specific purpose, and even though Thingsee SOLUTION SUITE for desktop is not an end-user application analytics or a data viewing tool, there is a view to make a quick review of the sensor data provided by the device.

How to install Thingsee GATEWAY CELLULAR

Things to do for installation Connect the power source to the gateway and plug it on into the wall socket with 24/7 power. On top of the device is LED that starts to blink (red) RED blink – device is connecting to mobile network RED/GREEN blink – device is connecting to Thingsee cloud GREEN blink – device is connected to mobile network and Thingsee cloud and operates ok.

How to install Thingsee GATEWAY GLOBAL

Note before installation Install the gateway to a secure location. In public places, install the gateway behind locked doors. To ensure strong enough signal strength for data delivery, keep the maximum distance between mesh network devices under 20 m.

How to install ThingseePRESENCE

Using THINGSEE PRESENCE sensor Sensor detects the movement based on body heat detection. Using sensor for visitor counting Sensor can be used for visitor counting in places like door ways and corridors.

Thingsee BEAM installation instructions

Using Thingsee BEAM sensor Thingsee BEAM measures the distance between the sensor and any solid surface. The sensor sends a laser beam and calculates the distance from the time it takes for the beam to return back to the sensor.

Thingsee LEAKAGE RUGGED installation instructions

Using THINGSEE LEAKAGE RUGGED sensor Thingsee LEAKAGE RUGGED detects liquid underneath the device. The sensor detects a solid water layer between the two detection pins at the bottom of the device.