Thingsee Presence Profile (13000-13999)

Movement data (13100) { "moveCount" : 5 } moveCount contains the count of detections since the last reported movement report. For example, in case ThingseePIR reports its current move status every 1 minute, this property can contain the count of detection during that 1 minute period.

Thingsee (message) commands

Thingsee Commands are special Thingsee messages with the purpose of sending configurations or commands to a gateway or a specific sensor device. A typical use of this communication is when a cloud or an application wants to change different threshold values, or change the behavior of the sensor device for data- or power-optimization purposes.

Thingsee Message Header

Thingsee Message is a JSON/CBOR formatted data with the following structure. [{ "tsmId" : Number, // Thingsee Message ID, required "tsmEv" : Number, // Thingsee event-type, required "tsmTs" : Number, // UTC timestamp in seconds, required "tsmTuid" : String, // Thing ID, required "tsmDstTuid" : String, // Destination, optional "tsmGw" : String, // Gateway ID, optional < profile specific data as root-level items > }] tsmId A message identifier (tsmId) defines Thingsee Message in a context of the application profile.

About Thingsee Messages

Thingsee Message specification is a collection of message content that defines different use-cases and scenarios for things. This specification has been created as a standalone specification without strict requirements or restrictions from any cloud platform, messaging protocol or transport.