Thingsee ENVIRONMENT (hw rev2)

What’s new in hw rev 2 See changes Device info Operating temperature: -20°C … +50°C Operating humidity: 0% … 100% RH non-condensing Storage temperature: 0°C … 25°C Storage humidity: 45% … 85% RH non-condensing IP rating grade: IP30 Certifications: CE, FCC, ISED and RoHS compliant Battery type: 2 x AAA, replaceable Expected battery life: Up to 5 years with 5 minute interval (default) Up to 4 years with 1 minute interval Up to 6 years with 15 minute interval Up to 4 years with Machine Usage Mode Radio sensitivity: -95 dBm (BTLE) Detection capabilities Check the locations of actual sensor components for optimal installation Temperature -40 ºC to + 85 ºC.

Thingsee PRESENCE (hw rev2)

ThingseePRESENCE (hw rev2) is a wireless sensor for measuring people presence through your facility. Thingsee PRESENCE gives you information on people movement in your spaces. You can use the sensor for facility management, workspace occupancy, and visitor count.