About Thingsee Open Service API

Thingsee Open Service APIs are included in both Thingsee Operations Cloud and Thingsee Operations Edge. Thingsee Operations Cloud is the master version of the API, and the on-premises version (edge version) implements a subset of the features.

How to use deploymentGroups

DeploymentGroups are created, managed and assigned through Thingsee Open Services API. The responsibility of the management operations are under customer; this can be done from mobile applications (installer application) or from the customer cloud.

Thingsee Open Services API message sequences

If you decide to use Thingsee Open Services API then these are the sequences and requirements that you should follow. It is not mandatory to follow all these sequences and you are allowed to be more creative than this.

Thingsee Open Services API specification

Authentication [/auth] Create client access token [POST /auth/client-token] Since 2020 Mid release Creates a temporary access token for accessing other APIs Token expires in 15 mins and can be recreated at any point Supports multiple simultaneous tokens Request