How to use CBOR

Thingsee messages are created using open CBOR binary data serialization. This page has a list of all properties that are, at the moment, available for CBOR message content. New properties are added based on need.

Thingsee Open Device API

There are ways to make any sensor connected and managed through the open API, so that the application & services creators can focus on creating their stuff instead of worrying about the hardware Thingsee Open Device API is a low-level API and message description for IoT device vendors.

Wirepas firmware requirements

Requirements When creating Wirepas sensors the following requirements are expected the sensor will use minimum of Wirepas 5.0 The sensor will use Wirepas endpoint 21 for the Thingsee messages The sensor will support at least the minimum set of Thingsee Common Messages Optional functionality the sensor may support Thingsee heart-beat mechanism Minimum set of Thingsee Common Messages to be listed here

About Thingsee Open Service API

Thingsee Open Service APIs are included in both Thingsee Operations Cloud and Thingsee Operations Edge. Thingsee Operations Cloud is the master version of the API, and the on-premises version (edge version) implements a subset of the features.

Thingsee Development Profile (10000-10999)

This profile is meant to be used only as a demonstration and R&D specification with Thingsee based devices. Any commercial deployment or development must use its own profile. This specification is only for development and shouldn’t be used by the clients.

Thingsee Air Quality Profile (24)

Profile name Thingsee Air Quality Profile Updated 20200918 tsmId range 24100 - 24999 Messages 24100 Carbondioxide level This message is used to report carbondioxide level Property Unit Type Value Note carbonDioxide ppm double min = 0

Thingsee Angle Profile (18000-18999)

ThingseeANG can measure angular position of arm attached to sensor. Angular position info (18100) { "angle" : 89 } angle is angular position in degrees (0° to 360°). Temperature info (18101) { "temp" : 59 } temperature is degrees Celsius.

Thingsee Common Analytics Profile (2000-2999)

Occupancy info data (2100) { "state" : Number } state is current occupancy state. Value ‘0’ means sensor area is not occupied Value ‘1’ means area is occupied.

Thingsee Common Profile (1000-1999)

This profile may be used as is, or be used as a basis, by all profiles to implement some generic functions that are typically required by all applications regardless of their actual use cases.

Thingsee Distance Profile (17000-17999)

Distance info (17100) { "dist" : 145 } Distance is send as a millimetre value. [{ "tsmId" : 17100, "tsmEv" : 10, "tsmTs" : 1492603998, "tsmTuid" : "T5T0FS3R1AL", "tsmGw" : "TSGW1234", "tsmAp" : "ThingseeDemoApp", "dist" : 145 }] Distance sensor profile configuration (17110) A client will send this message with tsmEv : 30 to update new configuration parameter to the sensor.