Thingsee Edge Profile (3000-3999)

Edge core state change data (3100) { "state" : Number } state is current core state. Values described as follows: ‘0’ Edge core thing is created ‘1’ TS edge core is running and ready for further deployments.

Thingsee Environment Profile (12000-12999)

Weather info 12100 Air pressure is given as pascals, relative humidity as percentage, temperature as Celsius and light as light-level. { "airp" : Number, //optional "humd" : Number, //optional "temp" : Number, //optional "lght" : Number //optional } Example

Thingsee Gateway Profile (11000-11999)

Remote commands (dataId 1402) for Thingsee Gateway Profile Reboot command Command name: “REBOOT” Payload: empty Description: Orders reboot of gateway device. CellLocate command Command name: “CELLLOCATE” Payload: empty Description: Request for cellular location of gateway device.

Thingsee Machine Usage Profile (16000-16999)

Vibration info 16100 { "tsmId" : 16100, "tsmEv" : 10, "activityLevel" : 34, "energyLevel" : 400, "histogram0" : 2, // > 128mG "histogram1" : 14, // > 300mG "histogram2" : 45, // > 500mG "histogram3" : 23, // > 1G "histogram4" : 2, // > 2G "histogram5" : 1, // > 3G "histogram6" : 0, // > 4G "histogram7" : 0, // > 8G "histogram8" : 0, // > 12G "histogram9" : 0 // > 16G } activityLevel percentage of detected activity during measurement period.

Thingsee Presence Profile (13000-13999)

Movement data (13100) { "moveCount" : 5 } moveCount contains the count of detections since the last reported movement report. For example, in case ThingseePIR reports its current move status every 1 minute, this property can contain the count of detection during that 1 minute period.

Thingsee (message) commands

Thingsee Commands are special Thingsee messages with the purpose of sending configurations or commands to a gateway or a specific sensor device. A typical use of this communication is when a cloud or an application wants to change different threshold values, or change the behavior of the sensor device for data- or power-optimization purposes.

Thingsee Message Header

Thingsee Message is a JSON/CBOR formatted data with the following structure. [{ "tsmId" : Number, // Thingsee Message ID, required "tsmEv" : Number, // Thingsee event-type, required "tsmTs" : Number, // UTC timestamp in seconds, required "tsmTuid" : String, // Thing ID, required "tsmDstTuid" : String, // Destination, optional "tsmGw" : String, // Gateway ID, optional < profile specific data as root-level items > }] tsmId A message identifier (tsmId) defines Thingsee Message in a context of the application profile.

About Thingsee Messages

Thingsee Message specification is a collection of message content that defines different use-cases and scenarios for things. This specification has been created as a standalone specification without strict requirements or restrictions from any cloud platform, messaging protocol or transport.

How to use deploymentGroups

DeploymentGroups are created, managed and assigned through Thingsee Open Services API. The responsibility of the management operations are under customer; this can be done from mobile applications (installer application) or from the customer cloud.

Thingsee Open Services API message sequences

If you decide to use Thingsee Open Services API then these are the sequences and requirements that you should follow. It is not mandatory to follow all these sequences and you are allowed to be more creative than this.