Thingsee ENVIRONMENT installation instructions

Using Thingsee ENVIRONMENT sensor Indoor environment monitoring can make any building or space smart. Real-time information over temperature and humidity can be used to create better end-user experiences, efficient energy consumption and better facility management planning with factual data over the environmental factors.


Firmware info Version 2020.08.18.2_ts_pod4_env_wp50 Status production New features 1st commercial release Error corrections None Known issues None Battery life Test scenario Result All sensors using on average 1 minute measurement and reporting interval expected battery-life 4 years All sensors using on average 15 minute measurement and reporting interval expected battery-life 6 years Performance testing Test scenario Result Temperature measurement passed, sensor component spec Barometric measurements passed, sensor component spec Humidity measurements passed, sensor component spec Ambient light measurement indicative values, not calibrated Magneto resistice sensor operate 7 gauss, release 5 gauss Compatibility The firmware is compatible with the products using following IMCs (TUID prefix) TSEN01 XXEN01 Wirepas info Wirepas stack version Wirepas application flash size 48 Wirepas application area ID 0 Thingsee messages This firmware uses following Thingsee messages Application messages The firmware application sends these messages to the cloud service.

What's new in Thingsee ENVIRONMENT hw rev 2

Improved hardware components Sensirion SHTC3 for Temperature & Humidity Texas Instruments OPT3002 for Ambient light sensing New hardware design for optimized power consumption Improved reporting with event based messaging functionality Measurement interval setting Timed reporting interval setting Reporting threshold value setting Improved acceloremeter usage Reporting simultaneously orientation and vibration Measurement up to 16G Detailed information regarding new features and functionality can be found at firmware specification