Thingsee GATEWAY troubleshooting

Thingsee installation network structure Thingsee devices build a network automatically. Devices communicate all the time to adjust the network structure for effective data delivery. Sensors create subnetworks for data delivery by choosing the best possible route based on signal strength.


Firmware info Version 2020.09.29.2_Matrix_gateway Status production New features 1st commercial firmware release Error corrections None Known issues None Compatibility The firmware is compatible with the products using following IMCs (TUID prefix) TSGW01 Wirepas info Wirepas stack version 5.

How to install Thingsee GATEWAY CELLULAR

Things to do for installation Connect the power source to the gateway and plug it on into the wall socket with 24/7 power. On top of the device is LED that starts to blink (red) RED blink – device is connecting to mobile network RED/GREEN blink – device is connecting to Thingsee cloud GREEN blink – device is connected to mobile network and Thingsee cloud and operates ok.

Thingsee GATEWAY

Product information Product name Thingsee GATEWAY 2G Product description Thingsee GATEWAY 2G is a plug'n play IoT gateway for Wirepas sensors. Vendor name Haltian Oy Product type Wirepas gateway Internal Model Code (IMC prefix for TUID) TSGW01 XXXX00 Sensor measurement specifications Cellular signal quality Report different signal quality parameters RSSI RSRP RSRQ SINR RSCP Network operator information Report information about the connected network MCC MNC Operator name Cellular location Report approximate location based on cellular towers latitude longitude Hardware info Northbound interfaces SARA-G340 (Thingsee AWS IoT) 2G GPRS/EGPRS 900/1800 MHz Southbound interfaces nRF52832 (Wirepas) 2.