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What’s new

  • Public documentation (this site) is being updated to give you better access to everything you need. You may see some strange behavior as we change the site layouts and navigation, but the end result should be worth it.

What’s the status

All Thingsee instances operating normally.

Thingsee IoT Support

Enterprise IoT for solution creators

This is the place that gets you started with Haltian IoT products, solutions and services. If you live and breathe bytes, APIs, JSON and other acronyms, then this is the place for you. Here is the stuff that the marketing department doesn’t care about and the sales representatives don’t understand. This is the secret place that makes you an IoT Rockstar, and you will amaze your CEO and customers in no time.

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What’s inside Thingsee

Thingsee is stuffed with everything you need from IoT devices, so that you can focus on the actual application and service development without worrying about the hardware part.


Data-routing, compression, security, APIs, diagnostics, monitoring

Thingsee SUITE

IoT device live-cycle management orchestration and administration

Mobile applications

Everything you need to do at the field for installation, configuration, and maintenance


API access so that you can control and fine-tune device behaviour and settings

IoT Gateways

Gateways that create secure end-to-end communication between the sensors and the cloud

IoT Sensors

Sensors that perform their magic, so that you can get the data you need


IoT devices as a service, so that you don’t need to pull your hair off due to firmware updates and other boring stuff


Just order your next patch of devices and see them delivered to you locations. Don’t worry about the manufacturing part.


We are paranoid about security. Everything is encrypted. End-to-end. Reviewed by AWS and trusted by our customers and partners.

Custom product

Any existing hardware can be made Thingsee Ready, and if there is no existing hardware - we can make it.

…and more

Trust us - there is plenty of more things included and gotchas solved on your behalf.