Thingsee Messages

Thingsee Message specification is a collection of message content that defines different use-cases and scenarios for things. This specification has been created as a standalone specification without strict requirements or restrictions from any cloud platform, messaging protocol, or transport. Thingsee Messages are used by Thingsee devices to pass sensor data and events to 3rd party cloud systems.

Thingsee Message is a JSON structure that follows a defined pattern for wrapping sensor data and application content. The specification also contains CoAP/CBOR data structure where all the values are encoded as integers with multiplier information. In a typical setup, JSON is used as an application layer data format whereas CBOR is used by the things. Conversion between these two formats is done in the Thingsee Operations Cloud.

All messages are designed to use Thingsee Message Properties as a common set of properties for both JSON and CBOR. JSON is used as a specification format and the CBOR conversion table is provided as an appendix. Thingsee Message has support for two message formats. JSON is used as an application format and in those devices where data size is not critical. In data and power critical things we always use CBOR data to reduce required bandwidth to a minimum.