Thingsee Presence Profile (13000-13999)

Movement data (13100)

  "moveCount"       : 5

moveCount contains the count of detections since the last reported movement report. For example, in case ThingseePIR reports its current move status every 1 minute, this property can contain the count of detection during that 1 minute period.

The time interval may be configurable so it is up to cloud system to keep up with the configured interval either by using preconfigured value or by determining based on timestamps.

Temperature data (13101)

Temperature as Celsius.

  "temp" : Number, // °C


  "temp" : 22.5,        // 22.5 °C

Presence Sensor Configuration 13200

  "tsmId"         : 13200, //ID of message content
  "tsmEv"         : 30,   //config update request
  "tsmTs"         : 1492603998, //message timestamp
  "tsmDstTuid"    : "TSPIR6789", //destination thing
  "transactionId" : 1234,
  "threshold"     : 400, // optional
  "enableLed"     : 0, // optional
  "mode"          : 0, // optional

This message can be used to remotely configure how ThingseePIR configures PIR sensor and reports its values.

threshold configures movement detection threshold for PIR sensor. If this value is omitted from 13200 message, threshold is not changed and device reports back current setting. If threshold is set to zero or less, default threshold is selected and reported back. If threshold is less or greater than supported threshold range, threshold is clamped to supported range and selected threshold value is reported back.

enableLed configures LED indication when movement is detect by PIR sensor. Value of enableLed may be one of following:

  • 0: PIR LED indication is disabled
  • 1: PIR LED indication is enabled

mode configures PIR reporting mode. Value of mode may be one of following:

  • 0: PIR movement count reporting. Movement count is reported at report interval with “Movement data (13100)” message.
  • 1: PIR occupancy reporting. Occupancy state changes are reported using “Occupancy info data (2100)” message. Occupancy state change reporting reduces traffic on Wirepas network and allow reduce power consumption of network and data traffic to mobile network and to the cloud.

A sensor application must reply with the same message (applied configuration values) with an tsmEv : 31.

Example response

  "tsmId"        : 13200, //ID of message content
  "tsmEv"        : 31,   //config update response
  "tsmTs"        : 1492604004, //message timestamp
  "tsmTuid"      : "TSPIR6789", //originating thing
  "transactionId": 1234,
  "threshold"    : 400,
  "enableLed"    : 0