Thingsee IoT

Don’t you worry ’bout (internet of) things

– just focus on your IoT solution without a headache about the devices

Thingsee IoT Device Management

Device management makes sure that your gateways and sensors are working 24/7, and keeps them up-to-date in case of security patches or new firmware functionality.

Thingsee IoT Data Pipeline

Data integration can be configured to push data to any cloud location regardless of Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, custom, or home-made cloud services. There is also an option to pull data from a live sensor data stream. A set of APIs allows you to fine-tune device behavior to perfectly fit your needs.


Dedicated support personnel makes sure that you succeed with IoT planning, field installation, and daily use of the devices and data.


Thingsee device portfolio supports various use cases and forms a basis for tailored use-cases to fit exactly your needs. The device portfolio is extendable with tailored devices or supported partner devices.

Data Pipeline

Cloud integrations

IoT device data-stream can be integrated into various IoT cloud platforms as a simple configuration option within Thingsee cloud. Moreover, the integration is not limited to well-known providers but can be tailored to use any HTTP REST API, MQTT broker, or even custom data-routing options and payloads.

Integration can happen as a pull method if your cloud can subscribe to the live MQTT data-stream provided by Thingsee cloud.

Open APIs

Thingsee payloads (Thingsee Messages) are defined as an open and extendable JSON format. The payload contains all the information you need to build your own IoT application and solution.

Thingsee comes with a set of open APIs that can be used to further fine-tune and enhance your device behavior by sending configuration messages to the devices or developing more advanced integration for your field installation tools or cloud-to-cloud integrations.

Open Source Application

Open source Thingsee INSTALLER mobile application gives you a fast-track for your tailored field operation tool development. The tool has all the basic features for field operations and demonstrates how to use open APIs.

The source code is available as a permissive open source license in Github.

Device Management


Thingsee CLOUD as a SaaS service ensures that you can focus on your own business and Haltian takes care of the boring side of the IoT devices. Thingsee monitors that gateways are connected, data connectivity is in place, SIM subscriptions are active, a mesh network is well-formed and data flow is steady.


Your gateways and sensors are kept updated based on the agreements and release schedule for the new firmwares. New update may contain security patches, reliability improvements and/or new features that can be remotely enabled.


Thingsee devices are secured starting from the manufacturing processes and tools. Haltian in-house manufacturing tools and pipeline creates and writes security authentication info so that the device authentication is readily available when the devices are taken in use. The authentication process is linked to customer information and the Thingsee cloud.

Thingsee cloud is operated as a single-tenant deployment under AWS sub-organization.


The devices will form their own identity during the manufacturing process. Identity is a combination of the device model, type, serial number, hardware revision, and customer identity. Thingsee cloud handles all the devices anonymously so that the serial number is the only identity information, and any other information is non-existent or optional.

It is under the customer-cloud responsibility to build the actual identity for the devices by mapping their serial numbers to asset identifiers, CRM, ERP, and other information sources within the customer’s own cloud environment and database structures.


Thingsee devices are made in Finland using Haltian in-house tools and manufacturing partner facilities. Tailored manufacturing options are available for such cases where the existing Thingsee manufacturing pipeline needs modifications or if there is a need to manufacture devices on another continent.


IoT devices as SaaS

Thingsee’s core promise is to handle IoT devices so that you can put your effort and focus on creating the world’s greatest IoT services. You shouldn’t need to worry about manufacturing services, firmware updates, or device uptime and recovery options when you are building IoT applications and services.

Technical account manager

All enterprise customers will get dedicated technical account manager who will take care of the planning, monitoring, reporting and scheduling related activities. One of the key tasks is to agree maintenance schedules in case of firmware or system updates, and to follow and describe default functionality and remote configuration options for your fleet.


You will get reports how your fleet is working, uptime, issues, service statistics and other bits of information that helps you to understand how your fleet is behaving.

IoT devices

Thingsee devices

Thingsee devices forms a baseline for usecases and data-sources. These devices are made to enable wide range of use-cases with an option to further enhance the functionality based on the feedback from the field.


Thingsee gateways are available for cellular and LAN connectivity. Thingsee gateways are the control point for the sensor network and they handle device management and data pipeline for the gateways and the sensors. These gateways have a central role in managing underneath mesh networks and their firmware and life-cycle services.


Thingsee sensors are mesh-enabled Wirepas 5 devices that connect seamlessly to gateways or existing Wirepas networks. All sensors use Thingsee Messages as a data payload and control channel.

Tailored device with connectivity

In case existing hardware portfolio doesn’t meet your requirements, there is an option to make a tailored device to fit your need.

Tailored devices can be connected to Thingsee Cloud just like native Thingsee devices

Tailored connected devices

A tailored device with integrated sensors for objects moving over a large area typically connected using cellular connectivity.

Tailored sensors

Tailored sensor for Wirepas, Bluetooth, or some other local connectivity options. Hardware components and mechanics are designed for a specific use-case, environment, and use.

Wirepas ecosystem

Your Thingsee installation is extendable with a selected Wirepas ecosystem devices (Wirepas 5 only).

Wirepas gateways and sensors

Coming soon. Contact sales for more information.