Thingsee IoT has an ever-growing list of gateways and sensors. All these devices are officially supported by Thingsee, and you can use them to build your commercial solution. We have a bunch of unofficial gateways and sensors and other gadgets that may eventually become commercially available.

If you have some specific needs, then do not hesitate to contact our sales.


Thingsee wireless sensors are preferably connected to a Thingsee Gateway device. The main role of the Thingsee Gateway is to ensure that connectivity between the sensors and the cloud are working and that the local sensor network can be managed and monitored. Thingsee Gateway makes sure that the sensors are initiated and communicating correctly. In addition, Thingsee Gateway handles maintenance tasks like firmware updates, sensor diagnostics, network diagnostics, and recovery operations.

Thingsee Gateway is typically cellular-connected either through 2G or LTE-CatNB and LTE-CatM. In a typical setup, Haltian will provide managed SIM cards and data connection services, but it is possible to use a customer-specific SIM operator if required. In such a case, there needs to be API access to SIM operations for activation, SIM diagnostics and other operative tasks that may be required if the cellular connectivity needs to be analyzed.

Some Thingsee Gateway devices have internal sensors; for example, a GPS, and an accelerometer.

Commercially available gateways

Focus on data costs

As the gateway connectivity is based on cellular data, there is a need to reduce data costs resulting from the use of managed M2M SIM subscriptions. It is possible to use consumer SIM subscriptions, but in such case, there will be no API level access to manage and monitor the SIM and cellular connections if any problems are suspected in the connectivity. Also, the reliability of M2M subscriptions is typically higher with the option to use the best available operator network through a roaming service.

Data optimization is done by sending only relevant data and sending such data in a format that is more efficient than a plain JSON. Thingsee Gateway communicates with the Thingsee Operations Cloud through a secured AWS IoT MQTT protocol as compressed binary (zipped CBOR) messages.

Based on Open Source

ThingseeGATEWAY runs the ThingseeOS which is created on top of a BSD-licenced NuttX RTOS. Haltian frequently contributes low-level development back to the NuttX community so that the latest open source NuttX baseline is always compatible with Thingsee gateway hardware. This way Thingsee development is always up-to-date with the latest features and security patches from the community.

ThingseeGATEWAY firmware is not published as an open source or as an SDK.